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  • Josh Arnold

Welcome to Blend

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Blend is the first cross-functional executive leadership community for enterprise executives, connecting leaders from all backgrounds and experiences. We foster learning, collaboration, and innovation by unlocking cognitive diversity across our membership and broadening member's leadership perspectives. By uniting forward-thinking leaders, we are transcending industry silos and exploring innovative perspectives. Blend is a space where senior executives can connect, learn, and grow, all while enjoying the support of a like-minded peer group.

The Blend Experience

Our community experience is a top priority for us at Blend, where your journey towards leadership potential is paramount. Within our community, you will gain unparalleled access to a network of leaders spanning diverse industries, backgrounds, and experiences. The Blend community harnesses cognitive diversity while providing a safe space where leaders can discuss ideas and challenges and collectively support each other in their professional journeys. It's not just another network but a community with a shared purpose: to elevate the C-suite, and break traditional business silos while amplifying the impact on businesses worldwide.

Blend members have access to unparalleled networking opportunities both online and in person. Alongside this, Blend offers an AI-powered community platform, empowering personal growth within our community and encouraging leaders to expand their horizons and reach new heights collectively.

What is included in a Blend Membership?

Blend offers numerous unique features and benefits to its executive members:

  • Access a Community of Diverse Business Leaders: Blend membership allows you to build your personal and professional network, providing access to leaders you may not usually meet.

  • Exclusive Events: Members gain access to city-based events featuring high-profile thought leaders and experts, fostering innovative conversation and shared insights.

  • Collaborative App: The Blend app provides a safe and secure space for executives to connect, interact, share knowledge, and collaborate.

  • Thought Leadership: Designed around industry trends and strategies to help you navigate the challenging market as a business leader.

  • Workshops: Tailored local and virtual workshops that offer the opportunity to enhance leadership skills and stay ahead of the curve with likeminded global leaders

  • Masterclasses: Hosted by members and industry experts, these short practical sessions allow members to gain insight into some of the most pressing leadership challenges.

  • Podcasts: Conversations between leaders around breaking down the misconceptions associated with failure.

  • Community Contribution: Members can actively contribute to the community by sharing their expertise, collaborating with like-minded leaders, and participating in discussions, creating a learning cycle where everyone grows.

Business leaders are navigating a landscape marked by macroeconomic shifts and uncertainties, where innovation and technology accelerate change. There are high levels of pressure to perform and lead positively and proficiently. At Blend, we craft the space that connects leaders to peer review, guidance, and support, unlocking the untapped opportunity that exists in collaborative learning and cognitive diversity.

Becoming a Blend Member

Applications to join our membership Beta launch in London and New York are now open. Submit your details at, and a member of our team will be in touch.

Membership is open to executives who hold senior leadership roles in large enterprise businesses; we curate the membership group, ensuring the conversations and connections you make are valuable to you and the members you are conversing with.

Join us on this exhilarating journey toward a new and exciting era of leadership.

Discover Different, Discover Next.


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